Leadership Through Hope: Lessons From Reggae Music – Forbes

Bob Marley and the Wailers.

Both positivity and negativity can help people get through tough times. The difference is that positivity can lead the way toward positive action for a better future. In periods of great social upheaval such as United States in the 1960s, positive music provided a motivating soundtrack. Recently, a resurgence of positive reggae music has been offering messages of hope to a growing audience. Bands such as Rebelution, SOJA, Tribal Seeds, The Expendables and Iration have brought reggae and its positivity into the twenty-first century. For these bands, reggae music enhances the effectiveness of what they have to say.As Hazrat Inayat Khan wrote in The Mysticism of Sound and Music , Music raises the soul of man even higher than the so-called external form of religionThat is why in ancient times the greatest prophets were great musicians. If I would just say my lyrics in a speech without the music, I dont know if it would really get to people, told me Eric Rachmany, front man and songwriter for the reggae band Rebelution . But because Im doing it through music, it has a way to get to the soul in a way that cant necessarily be done just through speaking. The fans seem to be getting the message.The bands fourth album, Count Me In, recently entered the Billboard charts at number 14, selling 17,201 copies in its first week. People want to root for positive music, said Rachmany.
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